AGE GROUP: 12-50

A fun, rotating, swinging experience that gives you wings to fly.

  • The Swing of Good times

    An age-old classic popular amongst park enthusiasts, the Flying Carousel is quite truly a joyride as it combines extravagant visual appeal with a relaxing oscillating wave swing experience. Stationed next to the fascinating Musical Fountain, it gives you the thrill of swinging over magical fountains…so grab a seat and get ready for an entertaining sail though the sky, on a classic wave swinger that’s perfect for grown-ups and teens alike.

  • Am I too old for it?

    The Flying Carousel is a favourite amongst teens and adults, who are too shy to get on the merry-go-round. The ride brings the same joy of riding the merry-go-round, but with a dash of adventure added to it.

Flying Carousal- Amusement Park Ride