AGE GROUP: 18-50

Challenge yourself to the ultimate ride experience that is Turbo Force.

  • For those made for the extreme

    Turbo Force is almost like a stunning giant see-saw, rocking groups of people high up in the clouds from a central axis. Towering high in the sky, the ride is sure to excite thrill seekers with breathtaking sensations highlighted by the gravity driven flipping action of the seats. Have the courage for it? May the (Turbo) Force be with you!

  • Max Thrill. Max Adventure.

    Get ready to be lifted off 37 meters off the ground and go on a brave ride in a 360 degree rotating gondola that rotates 360 degrees around the central axis. This one’s a favourite among the high-adrenalin adventure enthusiasts.

Turbo Force - Amusement Park Ride